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 7/2/12 Bakersfield 2012

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7/2/12 Bakersfield 2012 Empty
PostSubject: 7/2/12 Bakersfield 2012   7/2/12 Bakersfield 2012 Empty28th June 2012, 9:40 pm

Bakersfield, Ca - Rabobank Arena

Please note that you need the Wolo Truck pack to compete: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

7/2/12 Bakersfield 2012 Capture_06282012_183549

Rigs of Rods Monsters
Rabobank Arena
Bakersfield, Ca
July 2nd, 2012
@8:00 p.m. EST

Trucks: RoR Monsters Trucks including ; Grave Digger driven by Drew Peltier, Mopar Magic driven by Aaron Douglas,
Titan driven by Devin Doss, Bounty Hunter driven by Andrew Marsh, and El Toro Loco driven by Aaron Lurie! Subject to change without notice.

Wheelie ; 30 Points possible to get
Titan: 19
Grave Digger: NO SHOW
Mopar Magic: 18
El Toro Loco: 16
Bounty Hunter: 19
Grinder: 12
Winner: TITAN drivan by DEVIN DOSS

Donut 10 points possible to get
Titan: 6
Mopar Magic: 5
El Toro Loco: 9
Bounty Hunter: 2
Grinder: 7
Winner: El TORO LOCO driven by Aaron Lurie

vs.-----------------El Toro Loco
El Toro Loco
--------------------vs.---------------El Toro Loco
vs. ----------------Titan------------vs.--------------El Toro Loco
Mopar Magic
--------------------Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter---vs.---------------Grinder
Winner: El Toro Loco driven by Aaron Lurie

Freestyle ; 30 points possible to get
Mopar Magic: 14
Bounty Hunter: 16
Titan: 14
Grinder: 10
El Toro Loco: 6
Winner: Bounty Hunter driven by Andrew Marsh!

An amazing first race for Summer Heat took off with a blast as former Double Down winner Devin Doss stole the wheelie comp. It was in a new style of comp. used in RoR M "Donut Comp." was taken by the Infamous Aaron Lurie in and that set him up for racing when battled his was with Grinder and eventually had a rematch and won by half a truck link. After that was freestyle, every had eyes on the previous winners "El Toro, Mopar and Titan" it was when driver who only won a wheelie comp and qualifying run came out and keep the truck moving and got a score of 16, when it was time for the RoR M Champion "Aaron Lurie" came out, everyone though he had in the bag until he rolled! So for the first time Andrew Marsh has one a main event. What a great way to start out season.
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7/2/12 Bakersfield 2012
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